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Green lentil, feta, Swiss chard, and pomegranate salad

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  cn_rh_green_lentil_swiss_chard_pomegranate_salad-TDombeya Vineyards in Stellenbosch makes spectacular wines. I know this, because I’ve been following what cellar master Rianie Strydom has been doing there for some years now. Last Thursday, I was privileged to attend a 10-year vertical tasting of Dombeya Chardonnay (06, 08, 09, 12, 13) and Dombeya Boulder Road Shiraz (06, 07, 08, 09, 12) at the estate, hosted by Rianie and MD Grant Dodd.

By Norman McFarlane 18 February 2015 Read Article


Man in the Kitchen - Nachos stack

Lifestyle Section - Food


cn_rh_recipefeb11-TWay back in 2008, dear daughter Robyn and new son-in-law Adam spent two months with us before heading for Utah to settle. During that time, I cooked my heart out for them since it was the last chance I’d have for some time.

By Norman McFarlane 11 February 2015 Read Article

What's in a sprout?

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  cn_rh_sprouts3-TAccording to a research study published in 2012 in the World Applied Sciences Journal, “Desirable nutritional changes may occur during sprouting that are mainly due to the breakdown of complex compounds into a more simple form, transformation into essential constituents, and breakdown of nutritionally undesirable constituents.

By Norman McFarlane 28 January 2015 Read Article

Chorizo mushroom omelette

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  cn_rh_Chorizo_Mushroom_Omelette-TWy late Dad loved breakfast above all other meals. If he could have had his way, he’d have had the fully monty (well, the full English at any rate!) every day of his life, but fortunately Mum’s prudence prevailed, and it was restricted to once a week, usually a Sunday morning.

By Norman McFarlane 03 December 2014 Read Article

Oven-grilled chicken quarters

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  cn_rh_Grilled_Chicken_Quarters-TWhat on earth, you may well ask, is a chicken quarter? well, if you look at the picture, you’ll see that it is the thigh and leg of a chicken, still joined together. How often do you see this particular cut of chicken in a supermarket? In my experience, not to often.

By Norman McFarlane 26 November 2014 Read Article

Chicken wraps with a Banting option

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Having attended a recent talk by Professor Tim Noakes at La Pineta restaurant near Stellenbosch, during which he presented some pretty compelling evidence that his LCHF (low carb high fat) diet is as sound as any other, I was enthused to try the cauliflower wraps recipe in the Big Red Cookbook.

By Norman McFarlane 19 November 2014 Read Article

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