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The President, the cigar and the soccer boss’ daughter

Lifestyle Section - Comment

  It seems that our President has transgressed again, and the nation is once more agog with his latest romantic exploits

By Norman McFarlane Read Article


Recalling those first steps to freedom

Lifestyle Section - Comment


madiba-tOrielle Berry pictured third from right when Madiba paid a visit to The Pretoria News, following his inauguration as President in 1994.

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To kill or not to kill? That is the question

Lifestyle Section - Comment

  In a society brutalised by escalating levels of criminal violence, is it any wonder that the stridency of calls for the return of the death penalty are becoming ever louder?

By Don Early, Elec Dept Read More

Julius Malema – our next president

Lifestyle Section - Comment


If current political scuttlebutt is to be believed, it seems President Jacob Zuma’s ventriloquists dummy, Julius Malema, may well have presidential aspirations.

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